How Liverpool Can Fix Their Issues to Avoid Another Real Madrid Champions League Thrashing

Watching Real Madrid rock Liverpool, at Anfield, 3-0, has prompted me to write this. It is clear that Liverpool has problems, but they are very easy to solve. In this blog post I will try to explain how Liverpool can get back on track, and no, bringing back Luis Suarez is not one of them. I rather lose every game the rest of the way then bringing him back to disgrace the club’s name again.

Number one: even though I loved when Brendan Rodger brought him in, because I thought he’d be a great complement to the game plan, is to drop Mario Balotelli and sell him in January if anyone will take him.

It is clear he isn’t doing what Rogers wants and he doesn’t fit into the system or players that surround him. Instead of running with Raheem Sterling and moving to make space for a pass, he is stopping outside the box and impeding the team’s momentum going forward.

Number two: having a permanent starting 11. Granted, football has changes since 2000, when I started following the club seriously, but I don’t like having a larger squad, I prefer having players that can get along on and off the pitch and who that know their roles. Rotation doesn’t work, I’ve seen Liverpool manager after manager try it and fail, Graeme Souness, Gerard Houllier and my favorite Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez just to name a few.

From what I’ve seen over the past few months of the season I have to admit, unfortunately, as an Armenian, I have to state that the Turk, Emre Can, should be part of the starting 11, he is a beast. Coutinho, with his play-making ability, through-ball accuracy and speed, is another player needed to start constantly,

Number three: Get bigger and stronger center backs. Dejan Lovren is starting to get his legs under him, play better and command, not only his position, but also the entire backline. Martin Skrtel, as much as he has played well for the club for the time he has been wearing red, I’m not liking him being paired with Lovren, it might be a long shot, but Ryan Shawcross or even Lovren’s partner at Southampton, Jose Fonte would be a better fit As far as the wings go, Alberto Moreno and Javier Masquillo are young and are learning how to play in a new system and live in a new country—they will be fine in time, Glen Johnson, needs to go, but center-backs needs to be bigger and stronger and outside of Lovren, the other center backs on the team sheet don’t quite measure up to a winning formula

There really isn’t that much needing to be fixed. When Daniel Sturridge comes back, the front line should be better. The goaltending is a bit shaky, but Simon Mignolet isn’t as bad as some newspapers are reporting. Though, Petr Cech or Thibaut Courtois would be great additions. There are also a few players I don’t like and would like to see sold and others brought it, but that is my nostalgia or heritage, for example, Xabi Alonso, Peter Crouch and, because he is Armenian, like me, Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

However, even after all of these I’ve written, I don’t believe Brendon Rodger or Liverpool’s hierarchy will change what is needed. Call it a hunch, but I’ve supported this club for a long time and since the horrible decision by David Moores to sell the club to the Americans, instead of DCI and Benitez leaving, Liverpool hasn’t really done what is in the best interest of the fans, they have done what is wanted by their new American bosses, who put in charge people who know nothing about the global game of football and have this crazy transfer committee that Benitez (yes, I know he made a few mistakes, while in change, and made players crazy and want to leave Alonso and Crouch, but he is still, in my opinion, the best option for this club) would never stand for, if he were still in charge.

Here hoping I’m wrong, because I know these changes would work.